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Ever since I can remember, I've been sketching, painting, drawing, and creating. More than anything else, this is what energizes me. It is my passion and fuel. What a dream come true to focus my energy on capturing life's greatest joys and sweetest moments on canvas.

My inspiration to hand paint wedding day bliss and develop The Painted Memory was spawned by the bridal gown! The wedding dress tends to be the first purchase a bride makes because it sets the tone for her whole day and mirrors her personality. It is one of her most fond memories of the big day!

Knowing this, and after a big nudge of encouragement from my sister, Page, I began discovering friends who were interested in a watercolor painting of their wedding dress, bouquet, cake and church. The excitement for owning a custom piece of artwork depicting her whimsical wedding series as a keepsake of such a special day, nods to a new trajectory. I see a trend on the horizon... the creation of a watercolor painting of a bride's dress as being a fresh twist to the familiar, framed wedding invitation!

As my new adventure unfolded, the focus of custom watercolor paintings expanded. Not only were wedding dress paintings, a source of inspiration, but also are things of meaning that we hold dear, and represent milestones in our lives. As a result, I have since added, the honeymoon location, paintings for a baby or child's room, vacation destinations, pet portraits, and what accessories bring the most surprise and delight moments to your life.

My heritage is deeply rooted in generations of artists. My great-grandmother engaged her skills in such endeavors as designing stained glass windows for a Cincinnati Church and painting florals on porcelain. My grandfather studied in Boston at the School of the Museum of Fine Art, with a focus on Native American Indians in oils. He completed his commercial art training at Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati. My mother and maternal grandmother were trained at the same art school. It is no coincidence that my greatest passion and skills would be realized in pursuing artistic endeavors. With my mother's guidance, I developed and strengthened my skills and have taken the plunge into an adventure of a lifetime, awash with brilliant colors.

I am thankful for the brush-strokes of my life that are beginning to shape what I pray will one day be a beautiful masterpiece.