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Acrylic Tray with Wedding Dress Painting Sample 1 Large

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Acrylic Tray with Wedding Dress Painting Sample 1 Thumb Acrylic Tray with Horse Painting Sample 2 Thumb
Elegant tray with pinched corners. Perfect for your vanity or bureau - Small 8"x6" $38
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The very classy square. Just the right size for special things - Medium 12"x12" $52
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Stylish Entertaining. What is more wonderful than a serving memento of your wedding - Large 16"x10" $68
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Enjoy any original piece of commissioned artwork ordered through The Painted Memory website transformed to appear on a beautiful clear, acrylic tray. Not only can you cherish your custom watercolor painting hanging on a wall, but also as a decorative tray with each use. Trays are available in three sizes, and are fantastic gifts to accompany the original watercolor painting!

*Care Instructions: Gently wash by hand with mild soap