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Style is copperplate with flourishes

Wedding & Invitation Calligraphy Hero Picture

Discovering a handwritten letter in the mail brings a smile to anyone’s face, but receiving a calligraphy invitation is a thrill like no other! The excitement of opening a beautiful letter and the mystery of not yet knowing its contents opens the door to letting your imagination run wild.

Engaging a calligrapher for your wedding or party invitations, birth announcements or business events, sets a tone of handcrafted elegance that has been customized just for the recipient…a detail that does not go unnoticed!

Please feel free to send an email, and we can discuss how calligraphy can fit into your vision. (


Item Price*
Single Envelope - black ink on white or ivory $3.25
Double envelope - includes both inner/outer or set $3.50
Colored envelopes - incremental Inquire on pricing
Gold ink - incremental $1.00
Custom colored ink - incremental $1.00

Escort Card
The purpose of the escort card is to direct the guests to their assigned seat. Each card contains a table number or name. The escort card is necessary for a seated dinner, reception, for example. It can take a number of forms including a tented card or enclosure card and envelope. They are customarily placed at the entrance to the reception area in alphabetical order.

Item Price*
Escort card/envelope - black ink on white or ivory $2.50

Place Card
Once directed to her/his designated table, the place card which is placed at each place setting, indicates where each guest is to sit at the table. It, too, may take a number of forms, including a tent card, flat card or as a tag attached to a wedding favor, for example.

Item Price*
Place cards - black ink on white or ivory $2.00
Gold/colored ink - incremental $0.60


Envelope Addressing
Regarding the purchase of your wedding invitations, I would highly recommend ordering extra invitations and, most definitely, envelopes. The standard rule is 10% over the estimated number you plan to send. (i.e. If you plan to send 250, order an additional 25 at least or a total of 275).

If I am addressing your envelopes only, I will require the following materials: (1) Envelopes (both inner and outer where applicable), (2) Typed guest list (Excel Spread Sheet recommended, sent via email), (3) One invitation or the type style name used for the invitation as a reference.

Calligraphy includes my interpretation of the type style most commonly used for wedding invitations.

We will discuss your guest list and answer any questions related to it. As you compile your guest list, please feel free to email or phone with any related questions. I will address according to the Rules of Etiquette, unless otherwise directed.

*Prices are based on the client providing all necessary materials (including stationery). Costs reflect calligraphy only. Also, client will be charged for any items that must be redone due to her/his error.

In the event of cancellation, the deposit will act as a cancellation fee. A deposit of 50% of the total estimated bill is required in advance and the remaining balance is due upon the delivery of the completed job.