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Have House or Life Memory Painted

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Order an original 8x10" watercolor painting of your "lifestyle" - $265
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Have it framed in a beautiful 3 3/8" gold museum frame for an additional $74
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Include a set of 10 notecards* complete with your "lifestyle" painting on the front - $32

*only available with commission of original artwork

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Lifestyle is a broad category! This encompasses everything from a portrait of your first, second, or third home, to a favorite expression of your style and personality. A house portrait is a treasured keepsake of the cornerstone of where your memories begin.

For house portraits, please specify preferred season when emailing (3-4) photographs of your home from different angles. This will ensure I am capturing not only the desired atmosphere (winter/spring/summer/fall), but also understanding what details are worth noting that may be hidden behind a tree or other interfering elements. Please keep in mind, the customized house portrait is an artistic interpretation and will not be an exact replica of your pictures. The pictures are a guide to pave the way for your hand painted work of art. Your custom house portrait will be complete within 4-6 weeks of payment received.

In addition to house portraits, say you and some friends venture to Keeneland every April and October to enjoy one of the most beautiful horse tracks in the country. This scene can be captured as a custom watercolor painting for your home or office. Or perhaps, there is an iconic monument, fountain, or gazebo that is the perfect snapshot of your cherished neighborhood that makes you smile every time you think of it. Now you can have this hand painted!

Custom lifestyle paintings are the perfect gift to yourself, family or friends! Lifestyle paintings are created from your favorite photographs that capture a fond memory. Commissioned paintings are available in a variety of sizes and mediums; available in watercolors, oil and acrylic.

For best results, please email (2-3) photographs of your favorite scene of the highest quality you can manage. This will ensure desired details are captured in the painting. Your lifestyle painting will be complete within 3-4 weeks of payment received.