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Watercolor pet portraits
8x10" starting at $220

Custom sizes also available in
oil and acrylic upon request

Order an original 8x10" watercolor painting of your pet - $220
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Have it framed in a beautiful 3 3/8" gold museum frame for an additional $74
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Include a set of 10 notecards* complete with your pet painting on the front - $32

*only available with commission of original artwork

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Pet portraits are a charming way to cherish our pets and celebrate the joy they bring. I am always amazed by the loyalty our pets demonstrate, and the consistent love they offer. A beautiful expression for remembering such devoted family members is through the creation of a pet painting. Pet portraits make for a perfect keepsake or a special gift. They are painted from photographs of your dog, cat, or any beloved animal and can be commissioned in a variety of sizes and mediums; available in watercolors, oil and acrylic.

For best results, please email (2-3) photographs of the highest quality you can manage. This will ensure desired details are captured in the painting. Your pet portrait will be complete within 3-4 weeks of payment received.